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Version Information Spy

Release: 7.2.0
Date: 02 August 2011
O/S: Windows 2000 and later

Screen Shots

Screenshot 1

The GUI version of Version Information Spy 7.0.3 is shown displaying its own version information. The mouse cursor is hovering over the value of the "Comments" string table entry. The full text of this entry is displayed in a pop-up window.

Screen shot of Version Information Spy GUI program

Screenshot 2

The command line version of Version Information Spy 7.0 is shown running in a console window and displaying the de-compiled resource source code of its own version information resource. The command line used to invoke the program was:

filevercmd filevercmd.exe -r

where filevercmd.exe is the file from which we read version information and the -r switch displays the source code.

Screen shot of Version Information Spy Command Line program