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2003 News Archive

21st December

  • Bug fix v0.2.2 of BDiff / BPatch utilities released.

7th December

  • Bug fix v2.10.1 of Version Information Editor released.

4th December

  • New BoobyTrap program released.

30th November

  • New BDiff & BPatch Utilities released.

29th November

  • Version 3.3 of Clipboard Format Spy released.

24th November

  • Updated streams classes to version 2.0.1.
  • Version 3.1.1 of SIBuilder released.
  • Revised titles, keywords and descriptions in head sections of main pages and updated text in some.

22nd November

  • Updated Version Information Editor to version 2.10.

8th November

  • Updated hot label component to version 2.0.

1st November

  • Updated window state components to version 4.2.
  • Updated HKEY property editor to version 1.0.2.

5th October

  • Updated message dialog components to version 2.
  • Added Install Info tabs to 8 Queens and Game of Life program pages.

14th September

  • Updated menu speed button components to version 1.0.1.
  • Revised download script to record details of downloads.

10th September

  • Further revised Article #8 - "How to detect the types of executable files" by adding support for detecting virtual device drivers.
  • Release v6.1.3 of Version Information Spy.
  • Version 1.1 of the Colour Popup Menu component released.
  • Two new functions added to the code snippets database.

9th September

  • Revised Article #8 - "How to detect the types of executable files" with additional information on detecting MS-DOS files.
  • Added screenshot of component editor to the Colour Menu Component page.

7th September

  • Updated Version Information Component to v3.1.

6th September

  • The script used to display program, component etc. pages moved to web root and renamed software.php.
  • Demo zip files moved to new downloads folder.

3rd September

  • Revised home page to display differently in Navigator 4.
  • All downloads are now handled by a PHP script.
  • Updated location of some PHP utility scripts.

30th August

  • Version 2.9.1 of Version Information Editor released.
  • Restructured news database and script used to produce news etc. box-outs.
  • Revised HKEY Property Editor page to new layout.
  • Revised Hotlabel Component page to new layout.
  • Revised Menu Speed Button Components page to new layout.
  • Revised Message Dialog Component page to new layout.
  • Revised Windows State Components page to new layout and withdrew versions 2 & 3.

25th August

  • Version 2.0.1 of Component Help Installer released.
  • Revised Streams Classes page to new layout.
  • Revised Colour Menu Component page to new layout.
  • Restructured Code Snippets database.
  • Code library and programs folders reorganised.

21st August

  • Revised SIBuiler program page to new layout.

17th August

  • Version 6.1.2 of the Version Information Spy program released. Fixes some bugs in earlier releases.
  • Revised 8 Queens program page to new layout.

13th August

  • Update of Drop Files components. Also revised component page to have new layout.
  • Release 2.1 of Shell folders unit made available.
  • Bug fix release 1.2 of Environment variables unit made available. Component page was revised to have new layout.

29th July

  • Minor update of Clipboard Viewer component. Also revised component page to new layout.
  • Minor update of Clipboard Format Spy program. Also revised program page to new layout.
  • Added new Article #9 that discusses how to register and maintain a clipbooard viewer.

27th July

  • Revised Version Information Editor program page to new layout.

21st July

  • New release 2 of Component Help Installer using new style page layout.
  • Added new robots.txt file to website root to control robot activities.

16th July

  • Revised Game of Life program page to new layout.

12th July

  • Added minor update to About Box component.
  • Added minor update to 16 bit and 32 bit version of the Version Information component.
  • Revised various program and component pages (about box, shell folders, system information, version information component, version information spy) using new layout and revised display engine.
  • Automated sitemap production.
  • Improved custom 404 pages.

6th July

  • Re-structured site - old resources section removed and Code Snippets page and How to articles now moved to top level of site with own menu items.
  • Boxouts and news items code reworked.

30th June

  • Release 1.2 of System Information components and routines uploaded.

21st June

  • Release 2 of Shell Folders components uploaded.
  • Removed RTFView and Thumbmaker programs from site.
  • Removed Console Application Expert from site.
  • Transferred all files from external server to DelphiDabbler server.

14th June

  • Added new functions and revised and deleted some older ones from code snippets section.

8th June

  • Added new article to hints & tips section - "How to detect the types of executable files"

7th June

  • Added facility to display printable versions of articles in Hints & Tips section of site - printable pages display without menu and page title.
  • Added popup hints to most of site's images.
  • Updated program and component information sheets to link to this site rather than old PJSoft site.

31st May

  • Release 6.1 of Version Information Spy made available.

24th May

  • Released Component Help Installer v2 beta 2 and provided new registration page for the program.
  • Fixed a display bug in Code Snippets page.

10th May

  • Added new Delphi unit generation facility to Code Snippets page.
  • Added further new routines to Code Snippets page.

4th May

  • Added new routines to Code Snippets page and re-organised categories.

26th April

  • Uploaded new Version Information Editor program.

20th April

  • Updated Game of Life to version 5.1 -- recompiled as 32 bit program.

2nd March

  • Modified some of the icons used on the site.

1st March

  • New version 6 of Version Information Spy released.

23rd February

  • New version 3.1 of SIBuilder released.
  • Updated page for Clipboard Format Spy to include screen shot, brief overview of program and update log.

22nd February

  • Extended how-to article #7 (How to dynamically add data to an executable file) with new payload stream access class.
  • Fixed broken link on index.php

8th February

  • Updated remaining icons to new style.
  • Added code to redirect references to old HTML pages to relevant new PHP pages (search engines still have many references to old pages).

2nd February

  • Fixed bug in Hints & Tips page that was causing wrong articles to be displayed.
  • Added custom error pages for the following errors: 403 (forbidden), 404 (file not found) and 500 (internal server error).
  • Updated many of the icons used on the site.

1st February

  • Display problems in non-IE browsers fixed - now tested with Netscape 4.7, Netscape 7, Opera 6, IE5.5, Mozilla 1.1.
  • Replaced all remaining main HTML pages with PHP versions.

26th January

  • Replaced the Resources, Information, Site Map and Author pages with new PHP versions.
  • Updated much of underlying PHP code.

18th January

  • Replaced temporary contact page with new page that enables user to contact the webmaster using a form.
  • Replaced static programs and components etc pages with new dynamic PHP versions.
  • Replaced the static version of this update page with new dynamic PHP version that can display updates recorded in log files. The new page can also display updates from earlier periods.
  • Changed Hints and Tips articles so that they now display in the body of the web site rather than in pop-up windows. PHP was used to implement this change.
  • Replaced Code Snippets page with a dynamic page that can selectively load requested categories of routines.

5th January

  • Added news that a new update to Version Information Spy is in progress.