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The new site may have less content, but the core will now remain. And it will now play nicely with phones! Keep an eye on the DelphiDabbler Blog for news.

2004 News Archive

31st December

  • Validated Streams unit user guide and guestbook as valid XHTML.
  • Added January 2005 newsletter.
  • Updated entry for StringsToMutliSz routine in CodeSnip database.

24th December

  • Revised software page scripts to produce valid XHTML.
  • Validated more pages with W3C as valid XHTML transitional pages.

20th December

  • Added new Article #19: "How to make a TWebBrowser become the active control when clicked".
  • Updated CodeSnip database as follows: added new Drive Management category; moved DriveTypeFromPath from File Management to new Drive Management category; added numerous new routines and revised GetCurrentVersionRegStr to use the new GetRegistryString routine to read registry.
  • Updated Article #18: "How to customise the TWebBrowser user interface" by improving some example code and demo, revising content and fixing typos.
  • Validated several more pages with W3C as valid XHTML transitional pages.

3rd December

  • Modified parameter type of JoinStr routine in CodeSnip database to take a string of delimiters rather than a single character.
  • Validated further article and program pages as valid XHTML.

1st December

  • Validated numerous software and articles pages with W3C as valid XHTML transitional pages.

30th November

  • Published new article #18: "How to customise the TWebBrowser user interface".
  • Added new routines – MultiSzToStrings & StringsToMutliSz – to CodeSnip database.
  • Made some stylistic changes to tables on some pages.

29th November

  • Added new routines – TaskAllocWideString & ColorToHTML – to CodeSnip database.
  • Edited content and style of the Stream Extension Classes, System Information Unit and both the 16 bit and 32 bit Version Information Component pages.
  • Corrected errors, refined styling and made some underlying changes to all the software pages, including the above.
  • Flagged up some software page tabs as valid XHTML.

26th November

  • Published new article #17: "How to set a component's default event handler".
  • Edited content and style of the following software pages: SIBuilder, Version Information Editor and Window State Components.

24th November

  • Edited content and style of the following software pages: Game of Life, Menu Speed Button components and Message Dialog components.
  • Updated several pages to conform with XHTML transitional and flagged with the appropriate W3C XHTML logo and link.

21st November

  • Changed Newsletter Page to display back numbers as text documents in new browser window.
  • Changed Links Page to use a MySQL database to store links. Number of clicks on each link now displayed. Revised system used to exchange links and provided samples of banner and plain text links back to DelphiDabbler.com.
  • Revised mailing list sign up and management code to use MySQL database.
  • Fixed a few formatting bugs.
  • Main website pages received minor styling changes.
  • Flagged some pages as having valid XHTML transitional code.

12th November

  • Completed revision of site's pages to use new object oriented page and menu code.

8th November

  • Added new Newsletter page to site. This page permits subscription to newsletter and can display back numbers.
  • Fixed bug in site map that was causing list of articles not to be displayed and added details of newsletter backnumbers.
  • Changed code used to display standard page, create menus and display software summary pages from procedural to object oriented.
  • Revised several pages to use the new object oriented code.

28th October

  • New version 7.0 of Version Information Spy released.

24th October

  • Revised guestbook to use MySQL database and redesigned appearance.
  • Updated URLEncode routine to allow encoding in main part of URL or in query strings.

16th October

  • Released v4.1.1 of Drop Files Components with refactored component editor.
  • Fixed corrupted favicon icon file with slightly redesigned icon and replaced the 16x16 and 32x32 .gif icon equivalents.

1st October

  • Added favicon to the site for use in browser address bars and in favourites lists.

28th September

  • Released v4.1 of Drop Files Components.

27th September

  • Rewrote articles page to use MySQL database for article list. Also reformatted some articles.
  • Made minor bug fix to code that serves PAD files and in htmlres-pad.xml.

24th September

  • Added code to support external access to PAD files.
  • Added RSS feed for this site's articles.

21st September

  • Edited content and style of the HKey property editor and Hot Label component pages.
  • Moved HKEY property editor screenshot to new location.
  • Added PAD XML files for BDiff / BPatch Utilities, Component Help Installer, SIBuilder and Version Information Spy programs.

19th September

  • Updated HTML Resource Compiler to release 1.0.1.

18th September

  • New Resource File Unit released.
  • Removed link to PHP.net from Links page.
  • Corrected error in description of EnsureFolders routine in CodeSnip database.

7th September

  • Added new meta tags etc to home page to enable site to be listed on the SiteQuest and NetInsert web directories.
  • Added several new routines to CodeSnip database: FreePIDL, PIDLToFolderPath, SpecialFolderPath, IsSpecialFolderSupported, PathToDir, ListFiles, DeleteFiles and EnsureFolders.
  • Completed relocation of private PHP modules to a new folder.
  • Standardised some CSS styling in articles section.
  • Fixed minor bug in Component Help Installer registration page.

31st August

  • New article #16: "How to use the TListView OnCustomDrawXXX events".

27th August

  • Released v2.2 of Shell Folders Unit with support for new style Browse for Folder dialog and additional shell folders.

16th August

  • Set up MySQL database.
  • Revised private site management code.
  • Changed location and naming of some PHP modules.

13th August

  • Release v1.1 of the Extended String Property Editor.

10th August

  • Changed style of form elements.
  • Changed style of update log.
  • Added facility to download units generated by CodeSnip database.

29th July

  • Fixed bug in CodeSnip database that had become apparent since move to PHP5 on webserver.
  • Added new link to Top 100 Borland Sites page links page and home page.

28th July

  • Changed password handling of private area of site.

26th July

  • Added new links to Delphi Top Sites and Pascal Newsletter to links page and home page.
  • Added new advertising banner to site for use on external link pages.
  • Fixed a few typos.

23rd July

  • Edited content and style of the following software pages: Clipboard Viewer Component, Clipboard Format Spy, Component Help Installer, Colour Pop-up Menu Component and Environment Variables Unit.
  • Moved some images to new locations.
  • Added some missing entries to this 2004 Updates page.

21st July

  • Minor redesign of articles summary page - changed clickable image used to link to articles to be same as standard used elsewhere on site.
  • Relocated some .gif files.
  • Added some PHP code to assist with processing URLs and outputting HTML tags.

20th July

  • Completed relocation of PHP modules.

19th July

  • Added several new routines to CodeSnip database: EmptyRecycleBin, IsIntResource, IsLockKeyOn, IsURLShortcut, SetLockKeyState.
  • Added new "See also" field for routines in the CodeSnip database that cross references similar routines.

16th July

  • Reorganised more files including private PHP modules.
  • Revised location of error documents.

12th July

  • Further reorganised parts of site's directory structure, included moving CodeSnip database, Link exchange code and mailing list subscription page.

11th July

  • Published new article #15: "How to integrate help files into the Delphi 3-7 IDE".
  • Further site reorganisation carried out - relocated all pages and updated style of change logs of all the pages in the following Delphi Library sections: Components, Other Units and Delphi IDE. This completes relocation of software pages.
  • Updated editorial content of the following pages: 8 Queens Problem, About Box Dialog component, BDiff / BPatch Utilities, BoobyTrap! and Drop Files components.
  • Moved data files for articles pages.

5th July

  • Relocated, redesigned change logs and, in some cases updated editorial content of, the following program pages: Component Help Installer, SIBuilder, Version Information Spy and Version Information Editor.
  • Moved the SIBuilder Tutorial and the Component Help Installer Registration pages to the new /php/subsid/ directory.

2nd July

  • Added form to every page to enable visitors to sign up for the new monthly newsletter.
  • Added check for email validity in Mailing list sign-up code.
  • Relocated, redesigned change logs and, in some cases updated editorial content of, the following program pages: 8 Queens Problem, BDiff / BPatch Utilities, BoobyTrap!, Clipboard Format Spy, John Conway's Game of Life, HTML Resource Compiler and Extended String Property Editor.
  • The Extended String Property Editor page was updated to note that is now known to work with C++Builder 5.
  • Fixed problems with robots triggering broken link reports when crawling links page.
  • Prohibited WebReaper robot.

30th June

  • Released new Extended String Property Editor.

28th June

  • Released new HTMLRes HTML resource compiler application.
  • Revised article #10: "How to create and use HTML resource files" to note the availability of the new HTMLRes application.
  • Began reorganisation web site's directory structure.
  • Made some minor style changes.

21th June

  • Changed reporting behaviour of download script.

12th June

  • Rewrote reporting code of download script to fix major bug and added admin page to private area.
  • Banned MSNBot from site - it was hammering server.

10th June

  • Another attempt to fix reporting code in download script.

9th June

  • Fixed bug in reporting code of download script.

4th June

  • Added demo program to article #14: "How to load and save documents in TWebBrowser in a Delphi-like way".

1st June

  • Fixed an omission in article #14: "How to load and save documents in TWebBrowser in a Delphi-like way".
  • Improved mailing list administration in private area.
  • Modified how download script records statistics and warns webmaster of errors.

16th May

  • Release 3.4a of Clipboard Format Spy fixes small bug in install program.
  • New article #14: "How to load and save documents in TWebBrowser in a Delphi-like way".
  • Added subject line to form on contact page.

14th May

  • Updated v1.2 of Clipboard Viewer Component released that compiles without warnings on Delpi 6 & 7.
  • Improved security and management of site's passwords.

10th May

  • Added demo program to article #10: "How to create and use HTML resource files".
  • New article #13: "How to run a single instance of an application".
  • Added new "test" mailing list for use when testing new mail-delivery software.

5th May

  • Added option to relevant pages to join the Component Help Installer mailing list.

4th May

  • Added facility to subscribe to (and unsubscribe from) mailing lists.
  • Added new private area of site for use in managing mailing lists.

2nd May

  • Revised article #6 "How to access environment variables".
  • Removed facility to display all download files in download.php - now reports error if accessed without parameters. This was done to prevent robots downloading files several times.

29th April

  • Fixed bug in Guestbook.

23rd April

  • New article #12 "How to add a program to the Explorer Send To menu".
  • Released source code to Component Help Installer.

18th April

  • Version 2.1 of Component Help Installer released.
  • Reinstated automatic redirection of links to moved pages along with automated reporting of broken links.
  • Added ability to site to detect visit by webmaster.

13th April

  • Added new article #11 "How to catch files dragged and dropped on an application from Explorer"
  • Fixed a minor display bug in articles pages.

12th April

  • New major release of the Drop Files Components now with file filtering.

10th April

  • Revised look and feel of site further with new title logo, new quick links bar, and some slight style tweaks.
  • Also fixed some more code that was broken when the server crashed.

9th April

  • Added facility to display news on Articles front page and to flag new items with special images.

8th April

  • Restored Link Exchange dynamic link submission code, now with categorised links.
  • Fixed bug in Download Summary Page that caused errors to be reported when dislaying full list of file available for download.
  • Revised Software Summary Page to have similar look and feel to Download Summary Page.
  • Changed general link style to not use underlining except when hovering over a link.

7th April

  • Rebuilt site following yet another server crash - some functionality lost due to inferior facilities on new server.
  • Added new article #10: "How to create and use HTML resource files".

3rd April

  • Modified Code Snippets database to display images depicting which version of Delphi routines will compile under
  • Added new TaskbarHandle routine to code snippets database.
  • Replaced flowchart in article #8 ("How to detect the types of executable files") with new clearer version.
  • Added experimental code to allow download of data from CodeSnip database.

27th March

  • Site redesign and restructure: new appearance for many pages and a new menu style and structure.
  • Added new "Delphi Library" section to the site made up of three redesigned pages split out from the old components page: Components, Other Units and IDE Extensions. The new section also includes the Code Snippets database.
  • Updated design of Programs pages to match the new design of the source code pages in the Delphi Library section.
  • Heavily revised the appearance of the Code Snippets database with ability to toggle display of source code (with JavaScript) and added a keyword search facility to the database.
  • Renamed old Information section as "About", changed the old Author page to DelphiDabbler to provide information about both the author and the site, added new Copyright and Compatibility sections and moved the Site Map out of the section.
  • Added new "Navigate" section containing the Search page and Site Map.
  • Revised the Site Map to reflect the site's new structure.
  • Restyled the Guestbook, Links page and Articles front page to conform to the new design.

21st March

  • Added new guestbook to site.
  • Made it easier to select categories in code snippets database by introducing some JavaScript.
  • Made some internal site changes to ease future redesigns.
  • Made some slight style changes to unify some disparate elements of the site.
  • Added new script to handle external links and to report on which links are accessed.

14th March

  • Rebuilt site following server crash
  • Added facility to automatically submit links to appear on links page.
  • Improved handling of 403 errors.
  • Added new "LinkBar" to top of most pages.
  • Download script revised to display list of available downloads when called with no parameters.
  • Software page script also revised to display a list of available software when script called with no parameters.

7th March

  • Added new site search page.
  • Updated links page.
  • Plugged a potential security breach in script that manages downloads.

9th February

  • Updated version 3.2 of Drop Files Components released.
  • Updated links page.
  • Changed design of this updates page.

1st January

  • v3.4 of Clipboard Format Spy released with XP look and feel.