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How to call Delphi code from scripts running in a TWebBrowser (part 4 of 6)

Calling into Delphi from JavaScript

Calling into Delphi from JavaScript

Having implemented our external object extension and registered it with the browser control, it is now time to look at how we call the object's methods from JavaScript. A similar approach is taken if you wish to use VBScript rather than JavaScript, but the precise details are, as they say, left as an exercise!

All we have to do to call into our Delphi code from JavaScript is to reference the relevant methods of the external object. For example to access external method Foo from JavaScript we would use the code presented in Listing 6.


external object methods can be called anywhere that a JavaScript method call is valid – either from event handlers of HTML elements or from blocks of JavaScript code. For example, say we have implemented the interface shown in Listing 7 in Delphi, and have registered it as an extension of the external object:

  ITest = interface(IDispatch)
    procedure SetLabel(const Msg: WideString);
    function GetEMail(const Name: WideString): WideString;

Assume that SetLabel sets the caption of a TLabel to the given text and GetEMail looks up the name of the given person in a database and returns their email address.

We can ensure the label's caption is set when a user clicks a link by using HTML such as that presented in Listing 8.

  <a href="#"
    onclick="external.SetLabel('Hello Delphi');">Click me</a>

We can also write someone's email address into the HTML document using a block of JavaScript similar to that given in Listing 9.

  <p>Fred's email address is:
  <script type="text/JavaScript">
    document.write( external.GetEMail("fred") );

As can be seen, once the hard work of setting up and registering the external object has been done, it is very easy to call the required methods.

That concludes our discussion of the techniques involved in calling Delphi code from JavaScript. In the next section we will work through a case study that draws all the strands together.