Notice Of Closure

Please note that this website is due to close down on 15th June 2020.

In the interim I will try to move as much content as possible over to my GitHub account. Thanks to everyone who has supported the site over the years.



All the open source programs available from this site are listed below. Clicking the program's name takes you a page that provides detailed information about the program. Some detail pages also provide information about any major bugs, installation notes, screenshots etc.

Each program's page provides links that can be used to download the program and its source code.

CodeSnip Code Snippets Repository
Code Snippets repository / code bank specialising in Pascal, that can display code from the online CodeSnip database along with user defined code snippets. Can export snippets to compilable units and can test compile code with any supported installed version of Delphi and Free Pascal.
Now supports Delphi 10.1 Berlin and Windows 10 Version 1607
HTML Resource Compiler
Compiles HTML and associated files into RT_HTML resources in 32 bit resource files suitable for use with Internet Explorer's res:// protocol or with TWebBrowser.
Version Information Editor
Allows creation of version information resources for embedding in executable programs.
BDiff / BPatch Utilities
BDiff computes differences between two binary files and outputs either a human readable file of a binary file that can be used by BPatch to patch a file.
File Date Comparison Utility
Command line utility that compares the last modification date of two files. For use in batch files etc.
New v2 release is more flexible and adds several new command line options.
Clipboard Format Spy
Displays the names of formats currently on the clipboard and permits common formats to be viewed.
Source code now available on GitHub
PasHi Pascal Highlighter
Command line program that highlights Pascal source code using HTML, styled by CSS. Has facility to work with clipboard and to generate code fragments for pasting into other HTML documents. Comes bundled with an optional GUI front end. Of use to web developers and bloggers needing to display Delphi Pascal source code on web pages.
PasHi v2.0.0 out of beta and released at long last!
Version Information Spy
Displays the version information from any file that contains it. Includes shell extensions for easy access to version information from Explorer.
Version Information Manipulator Library
DLL that can access and manipulate and updated binary version information data.