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HTML Resource Compiler

Release: 1.2.1
Date: 20 February 2014
O/S: Windows 2000 and later


HTML Resource Compiler (or HTMLRes) is a simple command line application for creating 32 bit binary resource files that contain HTML code that can be displayed using Internet Explorer's res:// protocol. For details on how to use the protocol see my article "How to create and use HTML resource files".

The application takes a list of HTML and related support files and copies the content of each file into a separate HTML resource within a binary resource file. Each resource has the same name as the source file. This makes porting standard HTML files to embedded resources very easy – and it is something that Borland's BRCC32 resource compiler won't allow!

The program can either insert or update existing resources in a pre-existing file or it can overwrite the whole file.

HTMLRes is particularly useful for embedding HTML files in the executable file of programs that display information using TWebBrowser. Including HTML files in the program's resources means that is is not necessary to distribute the HTML files separately.


For details of how to use the program please see the PDF logoUser Guide.

Demo Code

Some demo code is included in the download. The user guide describes how to use HTMLRes and Delphi to build the demo project.

Bugs and Feature Requests

If you find any bugs or want to suggest a new feature please go to the issue tracker on GitHub. You can browse existing issues to see if a similar one has already raised. Feel free to add your comments. If there is no similar issue please raise new one.