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Version Information Spy

Release: 7.2.0
Date: 02 August 2011
O/S: Windows 2000 and later


Version Information Spy displays the version information contained in an executable file or DLL. The program makes version information details available in several ways:

  • Firstly there is a Windows application that displays detailed version information in its main window. The program can generate and display reports about the version information. It can also decompile version information into .rc source code. Version information that departs from the Microsoft recommended standard can be highlighted and details of how to revise the source code to meet the standard can be displayed.
  • There is a command line version of the application that writes text reports or decompiled source code to standard output. The reports can be redirected to output files.
  • Two configurable Explorer extensions are also provided:
    • A menu item is added to the Windows Explorer context menu for registered file types. Clicking this menu item displays the selected file's version information in the main application.
    • Additionally, a new tab is added to property sheets associated with specified file types, providing the selected file contains version information. This new tab is named Version Extra. It provides more comprehensive details of a file's version information than is available from the existing Version tab.

Version information can be extracted from any Windows NE or PE format executable files (i.e. 16 and 32 bit exes, dlls etc). Version Information Spy 7 can also extract version information from 32 bit binary resource files that contain a version information resource. Multi-lingual version information resources are supported. The program can read version information from most of the many programs that don't follow the Windows version information specification.

Editing Version Information

You can edit version information in two ways:

  1. "Decompile" a program's version information to RC source code using Version Information Spy. Edit the RC source code manually. Recompile using a resource compiler such as Borland's BRCC32.
  2. Use my Version Information Editor.


You can report bugs or suggest new features using the Version Information Spy issue tracker on GitHub.

Please review existing bug reports and feature requests before creating a new issue. If an issue already exists you may be able to help by adding a further comment.

Do not try to use the old issue tracker on GoogleCode. Its content has been moved to GitHub and it is no longer monitored.